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MLTOR "Welcome Mid-Autumn Festival National Day" table tennis table tennis match event report


In order to enrich the cultural and sports life of the employees and enhance the cohesiveness and pride of the employees, the various branches of the company have held the second "National Mid-Autumn Festival National Day" ping pong in their respective event centers from September 16th to 21st. Ball table tennis match.


Chongqing Myret Mid-Autumn Festival                 Zhongshan Maitrete Mid-Autumn Festival                       Foshan Mayret Mid-Autumn Festival

The employees of various departments and units responded positively and signed up to participate in the competition. During the competition, all athletes, staff and employees who watched the game on the spot performed outstandingly. The logistics personnel actively carried out relevant guarantee work, and all the athletes played their own strengths, the style of the competition and the level of competition.

Because there are more athletes participating in the competition, in order not to affect production, the competition is scheduled to be carried out during off hours. After the first round of the competition, and the fierce competition of the 21st final, each of the competitions produced the top three.

(Billiards game tidbits)

(Table tennis competition)

(The top three photos in some divisions)

The competition went through the preliminaries and finals. The athletes fully demonstrated the spirit of the staff of the Merit team, showed themselves on the field, competed to win, and showed the vitality and vitality of our team. Minet has always attached great importance to the development of employees' comprehensive quality, providing high-quality cultural and sports activities and working environment. It is hoped that employees will work together and ignite more passion and confidence to invest in work, create more for society, for enterprises and for themselves. Great value.

(Winners take pictures)

After the competition, the company arranged a small party to share the happy time before the Mid-Autumn Festival, and all the staff were happy!

The cultural and sports activities of the employees of the “Meeting the Mid-Autumn Festival National Day” not only enhanced the communication between the departments and employees, but also exercised the body. In the future, Minet will continue to enrich the cultural and sports life of its employees, and organize more colorful and cultural activities to strengthen corporate culture.

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